Walnut Tassies

Walnut Tassies

These buttery, bite-size roasted walnut oil pastry crusts are packed with a sweet walnut filling. While the toasted nuts are key, La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut Oil is the real star, bringing an even deeper rich walnut flavor to these holiday-ready tassies. In addition to creating a lovely crust for the tassies, the roasted walnut oil pastry crust is incredibly versatile. Consider using it as the nutty base crust for your next pie, tart, or galette!

La Tourangelle was founded by Mr. Morillon and Mr. Bechet in the 1800s and began as a small animal-powered oil mill in the idyllic French town of Saumur. Small artisan oil mills lined the Loire river and roasted and extracted the oil from nuts gathered by local farmers, and La Tourangelle is one of the few remaining mills keeping this tradition alive today.

The company expanded internationally when ownership passed to the Kohlmeyer family in the early 1990s. In 2002, La Tourangelle expanded to the California Bay Area, where the original French artisan oil mill was replicated, and the staff was trained by an oil-roasted artisan from France. Today, La Tourangelle remains a thriving family-owned business that has mastered the art of oil production thanks to their passion, integrity, and pride. In addition to its own nut oils, La Tourangelle has established partnerships with a handpicked selection of high-quality oil producers to provide you with the best artisan oils from around the world. La Tourangelle is dedicated to each part of the process, from the timing of the harvest and the careful selection of the fruit to the technique for pressing, so you can cook and bake with the very best nut oils available.


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