Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Recipe No Bake // Vegan Christmas Dessert Recipe

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Recipe No Bake // Vegan Christmas Dessert Recipe

VEGAN Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Recipe No Bake | Vegan CHRISTMAS Dessert | Christmas recipe |Edgy Veg

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Today on the Edgy Veg I'm going to show you
how to make festive pumpkin spice cheesecakes
in mason jars.
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You guys know how basic I am.
And you've loved all the pumpkin spice recipes
we've done so far.
So what's left of pumpkin spice?
A cheesecake of course!
Let's start out by using our blender.
Step number one is the cheesecake filling.
So we're doing this with a cashew base.
If you are allergic to cashews
you can also use almonds.
If you're allergic to almonds, give up!
Just kidding.
If you are allergic to that
you can just use silk and tofu.
We can still be friends.
To make the cheesecake filling
we are going to add our cashews.
You want to soak your cashews for a minimum of eight hours.
Overnight is best.
Plus you can just put it in the fridge and forget about it.
Coconut oil.
Lemon which gives it a cheesy-ish flavor.
Not really cheesy, it just makes it taste
more fermented like cheese does.
Vanilla extract.
And for sweetness I'm going to use maple syrup
but you can use agave or you can use sugar.
Maple syrup is a sweetener with low glycemic index.
So if you're watching your figure over the holidays
this is a great option for you.
And now we blend.
(festive jazz music)
Our cashews are about half-way blended.
We are going to add some coconut milk.
I like to use the coconut milk from a can
because it's super rich and creamy.
Get out.
And now we're going to continue blending.
If your cashews need a little bit of help to blend
you can always add almond milk.
Just keep adding.
About a tablespoon at a time
until it helps it blend along
and gets smooth.
But we didn't need any because
my blender is awesome apparently.
Next I'm going to make the pumpkin spice pudding topping.
We're going to add two cups of almond milk.
Add half now and half afterwards
because you're kind of just judging
the consistency of the pudding topping.
Vegan pudding powder or custard powder.
FYI I hate the word custard
so from now on it will be referred to as pudding.
Just so we're all on the same page here.
Pumpkin puree and make sure that you get pumpkin puree
and not pumpkin pie puree.
One is sweetened and one isn't.
And because we have the pudding powder
that's already sweetened,
if you use pumpkin pie puree
then it's going to be too sweet.
Last but not least we have our pumpkin spice.
So add a teaspoon of that right to the blender.
Chef's tip!
For the pudding powder, use instant pudding powder
or instant custard powder.
If you only have cooking custard or cooking pudding,
then take the mixture off after you've blended it
and cook it on the stove according
to the directions on the package.
But if you have instant you can just do it in the blender.
Next let's move on to our crust.
We are going to make a graham cracker crust.
Literally I'm just gonna throw these into the food processor
and blend them up until they're fine.
You need about 15 to 20 depending
on how many you want to make.
I'm using 15.
If you need more just blend up a little more.
Now that we have our graham cracker crumbs
while they are still processing
we are going to add the vegan butter.
Just keep processing adding more butter and more crackers
until it crumbles together nicely.
Now that we have our graham cracker crust,
our cream cheese filling and our pumpkin pudding
we're gonna build these cakes.
You can do these like I am in mini mason jars
or you can just do it in a casserole dish
if you don't want to do mini ones.
First we're gonna add our graham cracker crust.
You need about a tablespoon.
You can pack it down with your spoon or your hands.
However comfortable you are
with really jamming your hands into a mason jar.
Add our cream cheese filling.
You want to fill up the mason jars
about a quarter of the way with
the cream cheese filling
because we are going to layer these.
Add our pumpkin filling.
Again about a quarter of the way.
Add another thin layer of the cheesecake
and another layer of pudding.
We're gonna swirl the top.
Take a chopstick or toothpick and just swirl the top.
This is an easy way to make it look
like you know what you're doin.
And now to top things off
we need to garnish it, a topper.
So I'm just gonna go in with some graham cracker.
You know just covering the art that we just made.
And just for some extra oomph
some pecans.
Doesn't that look festive and beautiful?
Oh my gosh guys!
They're so cute!
I wanna stick these guys into the fridge
for about two hours and then they're ready
to serve to my dinner guests.
(festive jazz music)
Alright guys, let's give this a taste test.
It looks so good.
I know that your holiday guests are going to love this dish.
It's quick and easy.
And you don't have to bake anything
which is a total bonus
because you know that stove space
is going to be used up during the holidays.
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