Unicorn Cupcakes // Cupcake Ideas For Unicorn Party

Unicorn Cupcakes // Cupcake Ideas For Unicorn Party


Hey guys welcome back to my channel. So unicorns has been a huge hit for the
past.. for a while now but it doesn't seem to go away at all and as of 2019 today
it's still by far the most requested dessert from girls from my experience. I
am a Unicom fan as well, I made those cupcakes for my baby second birthday
last week and today I'm going to show you step-by-step how to create those two
dreamy unicorn looks. But Before we jump on, quickly let me say thank you to
everyone who's been giving me such a positive feedbacks about my tutorials through
YouTube, Instagram and other platforms I use. Obviously my channel is
extremely small and I have no influence like all the other top youtubers but
when I see that my video was helpful to one person in some ways, it really makes
my day. I started my career as a pastry instructor about more than a decade ago
and back then I was teaching to individuals around the same table. And my
goal hasn't changed since then. This is about you and me. I want you to feel like
you are taking a valuable lesson from me directly
beyond this screen. So thank you so much. I always like to hear from you and
appreciate any of your feedbacks to improve the tutorials. Also if you like
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All right so we're gonna need to bake cupcakes first. To learn how to make
super moist and fluffy cupcakes, watch this video after this tutorial. This recipe
makes incredibly delicious cupcakes and I also share seven tips on how not
to fail. Next let's make mini unicorn horns. Roll your fondant and make two
long horns and twist them together. To make sure it's not going to fall apart,
apply a tiny bit of water on between and adjust the shape. Cut off the excess and
insert a toothpick. To make it easier keep twisting your toothpick while
pushing in just like a drill.
Next, let's make cute little unicorn ears. Roll your fondant and cut to make small
Pinch one of the sides to make the ear shapes. To adjust the shape I use the
fondant tool but if you don't have that, that's totally fine, use the tip of your pen
or whatever looks similar. Also make the ears and horns one or two days ahead to
let them completely dry. After they are dried, it's time to paint!
I mixed edible gold dust and straight alcohol to paint the horns. Let them
completely dry before use. And for ears I mix some straight alcohol and pink
coloring to create gentle pale pink.
All right so time for buttercream! Pipe some buttercream on top of your cupcakes
and smooth them up. To learn how to make the delicious buttercream I use today,
check out this video. It is the most rich and creamy buttercream I've ever had.
Moving on, we're gonna start making cute Unicom faces. Roll your fondant and cut
into a round shape. Ideally you want to use a cookie cutter that's exactly the
same size as the surface of your cupcakes but if you don't have that size
just like my case, just roll a little bit more until it gets to the size. The
buttercream do the job as glue and also it tastes much better.
All right now it's one of the most exciting part. Time to draw the dreamy
unicorn eyes. I use black coloring with a small brush with super sharp tip. I so
enjoyed this process.. they look so cute. The rushes is like girls' dream.
Next let's walk on unicorn hairs! Like always, I use plastic wraps when I pipe
buttercream for easy cleaning and also to create beautiful marbled effect. I
used orange and purplish pink color that I used earlier for unicorn lion
cake but use any colors you want, any pastry tips you want and create perfect
unicorns for you. I added a little bit more on the back to add some volume. And
we need sprinkles for unicorns! It creates an extra dreamy look. For the
second unicorn design, pipe the marbled buttercream on top. For this one, I used
pale pink and orange. Sprinkles on top as well. On Unicom faces, add some cheek
makeups. This really add extra cuteness. So I was not planning on this but I
totally forgot to buy pink dust for rosy cheeks, so I decided to use the same gold
dust I used for horns instead to see how it looks and I totally loved it.
It almost looks like they got the little sunburn on hot summer and it became my
favorite look. And this is the final process. To finish the look, add the horns
and ears.
It is complete! So for the past few weeks I showed you how to make cute Unicom
desserts using butter cake and buttercream but for those of you who
don't really care about unicorns or would like to learn something a little
bit more for adult that you can actually make for your own party,
I've prepared perfect perfect cake for you next week. I'll show you how to make
the most realistic candle cake you've ever seen before. It would be a great
surprise for your guests, I think it is such a fun sophisticated cake
to end the feast or gathering. Like always, I'll include all the tips and
tricks as well, so stay tuned! Also if you haven't watched yet, watch this unicorn
lion cake tutorial I made last week to get more fun cake ideas. Alright guys
that's it for today, thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next week.
Okay.. pipe the buttercream and then insert the horns and ears and sprinkles.
Yeah. Sprinkles. Can we do that? Alright.
Pipe. Weiii…
okay okay… One more …can you put the sprinkles on top like this?
Sprinkles.. Yes. Can you put
this on top.. like this?
Yeah! ..and ear.. over here and over here
… cake okay? ….good?
mmm… mmm..
sweet yum-yum
Happy Birthday. How old are you? …happy birthday! you're two.. you're not one
anymore. You are 2.. yes.. two years old. Are you a Unicom princess? Yes..


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