These 3 drinks Are Simple But Spectacular

These 3 drinks Are Simple But Spectacular

These 3 drinks are simple but spectacular | Food | Woolworths SA

All sparkle, all summer long ✨

Shop bubbles:
Tropical rose fizz:
Blend a can of litchis with the syrup until smooth, then strain to remove the pulp. Divide the juice between champagne flutes or coupe glasses, add a drop of rose water to each, top up with Woolworths MCC and garnish with sugared rose petals.

Sparkling sangria
Decant a bottle of rosé wine in a large pitcher with lots of ice. Add two 2-litre bottles of Woolworths Litchi Flavoured Sparkling Drink. Add sliced summer stone fruit and strawberries, decorate with pea shoots or micro herbs and enjoy!

Virgin gin & tonic station
Prepare a table with: cubed cucumber; pomegranate rubies; fresh mint, Woolworths tonics (cucumber, mandarin, and sugar free) and invite your guests to mix and match their drinks. All of the flavour, none of the booze!


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