Summer Fruit Smoothies & Ice Lollies

Summer Fruit Smoothies & Ice Lollies

Hi I’m Jules and we’re going to make a really cool super smoothie today this is my son buddy and he always helps me in the kitchen doing this is really easy this is brilliant for me because I’ve got four children and it’s kind of mayhem in the morning and it’s absolutely crazy it’s so quick and simple to make and also it’s really really healthy and sometimes I just don’t even know it which is really nice right I’m going to start with frozen berries so it gets a real of the ice fresh feel so we’re going to do 1 cup of the frozen fruit which buns is gonna help me with it’s about 200 grams but as I don’t got a couple of grams I’m some do it with a cop you pour in ice thank you the next I’m gonna pour in some almond milk obviously have no nuts as a really good thing for the kids as well it gives it a really nice flavor you can pull it in for me next up natural yogurt 6 tablespoons butter on account for me yeah yeah perfect that’s all we need 6 so that’s just normal natural but I use I don’t use flavored yogurt because again it really sweet enough and it’s obviously much more healthier next we do a banana you need one it just adds a real nice consistency any fruits looking a bit rough you can shove in there never no handful of porridge oats and you can use at any fine meal whatever you prefer I’ve just got the colors chunky oats here it does give a nice consistency and it does keep them fuller for longer which is really good so you feel like you’re doing a really good job you put those in my secret ingredient is my sunflower seeds which actually some of the chill don’t like but when I put them in they didn’t know I like you do that so you’re one I’m real than one of the challenges like to put min and then obviously really healthy you can actually add anything you like any balance works you don’t need to have it in grams or measures you can see I really ha do it sort of thing it’s not my way of cooking so it’s gonna be dead simple I’m gonna turn it on now right gonna have a quick check before we pour it out just a check it’s got the right consistency because that’s quite important I know some people are quite fussy and I’m like kids are so if it is a bit too thick yeah you’re gonna try it for me there’s too thick you can add a bit more of the arm milk with a bit of water just for quickness or if it’s not thick enough another half a banana but there’s going to be our taste tester actually looks really pretty so my girls be really happy with that right let me know what you think it’s a big moment nice I’ve got bit left over now so I’m gonna have that one for myself you could just pour it into the lolly moulds which is absolutely brilliant buds loves them and that kind of is like a big treat for him and actually it’s just a milkshake they have breakfast putting a lolly canal Jalali sticks in from the freezer I don’t know for five hours and they’re done bodied you want to get the things out the freezer come in each it so much like they’ve shrunk Jamie how weird can you see them no it’s the frozen fruit should we have let me help you he’s a mango and mint and banana actually the same sort of thing but porridge oats also I’ve got some sunglasses just essentially it’s just the night at the yellow colour yeah ready buds so hot water should be enough can you see if you come out for me because I hate doing this I get scared it’s not going to work yeah so the main taste tester what do you think buds it’s very important so it is a thumbs up from buddy which is which is massive what I really hope you enjoyed that let me know if you enjoyed it or if it was do anything else I’ll try anything else that’s me cool thank you if you like this recipe more please press the link in the description box and there enjoy I’m real taste mmm that is so good at better than dads shout out loud yeah

This is one of my favourite recipes that you can easily tweak depending on what fruit you have to hand. It’s a great breakfast on the go or pour the same mixture into freezer moulds and you’ve made a healthy and delicious lolly! This one is made from sweet berries, a banana, oats and seeds and blitzed up with almond milk and yogurt. Buds loves helping me make these and is happy to finish off the end result too!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you get on. And if you’ve got any other great tips on how you feed your family I’d love to hear them too.

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