Stained Glass Christmas Cookies // Christmas Recipes

Stained Glass Christmas Cookies // Christmas Recipes

Stained Glass Christmas Cookies | Christmas Recipes

The holiday season is the perfect time to spend an afternoon baking. I’m participating
in Kin’s 3rd annual cookie collab. Each day a different creator will be sharing their
recipe but today I’m sharing with you how to make these perfect stained glass snowflake
Christmas Cookies.
Start with a large mixing bowl and add a cup or 2 sticks of room temperature butter. This
recipe makes between 20 and 30 cookies depending on the size of your cookie cutters so if you
would like to make less the recipe is easily halved. To the butter add a cup of granulated
sugar and cream together until light and pale. You can do this by hand with some elbow grease,
it should only take a few minutes or a hand mixer or stand mixer works well.
If you would like the full recipe for these stained glass Christmas snowflake cookies
it will be on my website as well as the full measurements listed below. Make sure to subscribe
to my channel for new Christmas recipes each week.
This is a basic sugar cookie recipe so if you would like to use it to make any other
type of cookies its a good go to. Next add about half a teaspoon of vanilla for flavour
and crack in one good quality free range egg. Use a wooden spoon or your mixer to beat the
ingredients together until everything is well combined. Set the wet ingredients to the side
while we measure out the dry.
In a clean bowl sieve together the dry ingredients, the all purpose flour, baking powder, and
salt. You’ll need three cups of flour for this recipe as it makes quite a thick dough
that you can roll out compared to something like chocolate chip cookies. To the flour
add the baking powder, half a teaspoon, and the salt to round out all the flavours. You’ll
only need a small amount of baking powder so the cookies keep their shape and don’t
rise too much, just enough so they don’t have too hard of a texture. Sieve the ingredients
into the bowl by tapping it with your hand, if you don’t have a sieve you can easily
skip this step and just use a whisk to remove any lumps in the flour.
Let me know in the comments below if your planning on doing any Christmas baking this
year. There are so many different things to make and I keep coming up with new ideas each
day. Keep an eye out up until Christmas for new recipes, also let me know if you would
rather a recipe for gingerbread cake or gingerbread pancakes.. I’m undecided!
Once you have sieved the dry ingredients it can now be combined with the wet. I like to
do this in thirds or two parts, mix well in between each addition before adding the next.
You may need to switch and mix the dough with your hands towards the end if it gets to stiff
for the mixer or wooden spoon.
Divide the cookie dough in two and wrap it in plastic wrap or greaseproof paper and place
into the fridge for at least a few hours to rest and firm up. At this stage you can also
freeze the dough for later use or leave it in the fridge for up to three days for when
your have a spare moment to bake the cookies.
When you are ready to bake the cookies remove the dough from the fridge and let it warm
up for about 5 minutes before starting to roll it out. It shouldn’t be sticky, you
can sprinkle the rolling pin with icing sugar or powdered sugar if you do have any issues.
Roll the dough out to about 1 cm thick or a third of an inch. If your dough gets too
soft place it into the fridge for 10 minutes or so to firm up.
Use your cookie cutters to cut as many snowflakes out of the dough as possible, then roll out
the left over and repeat until you have used all of the cookie dough. These cookies have
stained glass in the centre so you’ll also need to use a much smaller cookie cutter to
cut out the centre of each cookie. If you want place these on the baking sheet too and
bake them, they’re so delicious.
Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with baking paper so there is no chance of
them sticking. Now for the stained glass centres, which is pretty simple. You’ll need some
hard candies in whichever colours you would like to use, I’ve gone for Christmas green
and red. Lollypops also work great. Use a mortar and pestle or a rolling pin and a plastic
bag to crush the candies up into smaller pieces.
Use a small spoon and tip some of the candies into the centre of each snowflake. Make sure
they stay in the centre, you’ll need about 1 or 2 teaspoons worth per cookie. Place the
cookies into a 180C | 350F oven for 6-8 minutes or until the edges of the cookies just start
to brown. Remove them from the oven and leave to cool completely on the baking sheet. The
centres will have melted creating perfect stained glass. Be careful with them until
they have hardened.
The cookies can be served just like this but I’m using a piping bag and some basic icing,
1 cup of icing sugar and 1-2 teaspoons of milk, to create a few patterns on the snowflake.
Dust with a small amount of icing sugar for the snowy effect and the cookies are ready
to serve.
Be sure to stick around and watch the rest of the videos in this Kin playlist for more
ways to spice up your holiday cookie game!
Thank you for watching and I will see you in my next video


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