Pumpkin Pancakes // Healthy Paleo Recipes

Pumpkin Pancakes // Healthy Paleo Recipes

Welcome back it to me a channel and welcome to another video today we are making some healthy pumpkin pancakes they are super fluffy delicious easy to make plus their paleo too they’re also freezer friendly I like to make a big batch throw them in the freezer and then you can just toast them whenever you want them that way you can have pancakes any day of the week if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe and let’s go ahead and make some pumpkin pancakes so one of my secrets to the best pancakes is adding in a touch of apple cider vinegar to the almond milk and basically this makes like a buttermilk so we’re gonna set that aside while we combine our dry so our almond flour and our air root but you can also use tapioca flour instead of the arrow and then some pumpkin spice and I really find that the blend of flours is what really works well in paleo pancake recipes then I’m adding in some baking powder with along with the apple cider vinegar it’s really gonna help make them super super fluffy for our wet eye of course I’m using some pumpkin and pumpkin is great because it’s loaded with carotenoids it’s loaded with vitamin A for your eyes along with fiber we’re just gonna be really good forget then I’m adding in some vanilla along with two eggs and you can use flax eggs in this recipe just make sure to really allow them to gel up for a good 10-15 minutes so that the pancakes really hold together you don’t allow them to gel up your pancakes might all apart so then take a whisk or a spatula and just whisk together all of your wet ingredients and then once that is combined I’m going to be adding in the almond milk mixture that was culturing while we mix it together our dry and the first part of our wet ingredients so just do that until it is nice and smooth and then we are going to add in all of the wet ingredients along with the almond milk into our dry mixture and then all you have to do is stir that together until it’s nice and so this comes together really quickly it’s a really simple pancake recipe if you guys watched my best ever pancake recipe which I will link down below it’s just a plain basic paleo pancake recipe that’s my tried and true this one’s a bit of a tweak on this because we’re adding in some pumpkin and some pumpkin spice both of them are really good a staple recipes this one is just more of a fall twist so once everything is combined go ahead and take your pan and heat it to medium heat with either some avocado oil or some coconut oil and I’m just using a 1/4 cup measure to put that onto my pan and then once it starts to set and bubble you’re gonna go ahead and flip it over and cook it for another 30 seconds to 1 minute and you can already see how deliciously a fluffy they are there’s nothing better than a stack of fluffy pancakes am i right so I’m gonna put on a little bit of maple butter this is kind of like maple syrup but it’s made into butter you could also do a dairy-free yogurt you could do a drizzle of almond butter or any kind of nut butter you could do granola on the top kind of whatever you like and then I’m finishing it off with just a sprinkle of pumpkin spice but this is such a delicious great recipe going into the cooler months the pumpkin along with the pumpkin spice has so much flavor it just screams fall and I love that you can make a big back to them and freeze them so that you can have them any day of the week and like I said they’re super fluffy so you can’t go wrong with fluffy pancakes all right guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you make these don’t forget to tag me I love seeing your pancake recipes and all the other recipes that you make for me don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and I’m gonna leave my healthy breakfast playlist right here so you can get lots more breakfast ideas lots of good stuff in there lots more pancake recipes too and yeah I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

Healthy pumpkin pancakes that is a fluffy paleo recipes. MORE HEALTHY BREAKFAST IDEAS: bit.ly/healthybreakfastplaylist

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