Neon Drip Confetti Unicorn Birthday Cake // Confetti Drip Cake

Neon Drip Confetti Unicorn Birthday Cake // Confetti Drip Cake


Hey there! Today we're going to be making a special tri-colored unicorn food type cake
In celebration of my birthday, it was on the 3rd so this cake is kind of like my birthday cake
But I also don't know what to name it so that's where you guys can help me name it
Just throw suggestions whatever you like
We'll figure out a name for it so let's get we need
The things you're going to need for this are
Some melted butter, I have some right here, it's to butter our pans that we're going to bake our cakes in
Some sprinkles I'm going to add this to the batter
I will leave a link down below to my video of how to make this cake batter or you can use your own
Three piping bags this is going to be for when we frost
A cake board to put the cake on, two more bowls to separate our batter
And three colors, pink, blue, and purple and I'm going to be using these Wilton cake pans
Now I'm just going to butter the pan so I can pour my batter into it
Once our cake pans and better all ready to go just set your oven at 350 degrees
These will bake for about 18 to 22 minutes depending on your oven as well
You can always use a skewer or toothpick to check the center and if it comes out clean you know it's ready
Alright there's our cakes, now to bake
After your cake is done baking I just trimmed it a bit and leveled it off, we're going to stack these up
I'm going to use some piping circles here in a bag to pipe better, a cake board
My little offset spatula here to decorate, a tier to use to decorate
These piping bottles
Frosting and I will leave the recipe for this down below
And some sprinkles for the fillings
And a little container to put my, my frosting after I put my
My layers and the outside frosting in so, let's put this cake together
Once you're done frosting your cake just stick it in the fridge for a couple minutes
About 10-15 minutes so it can harden and make it easier to decorate
Now separate the remainder of your frosting and we're going to dye it pink, blue, and purple
Once your cake is chilled we're just going to start applying the frosting onto it, so i'm going to start with purple
If you recognize this it is similar to the first video I made
I'm going to put some of this frosting into these bottles and then we're going to do a melting effect on top
After you're done putting all the frostings on the cake you're just gonna want something with a straight, sharp edge
Just scrape the sides of the cake to make an even coat
All right and here is the, crazy tri-colored cake
I'm not sure what we should name this so if you have a suggestion leave a comment down below
I will also be posting pictures of this on my tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
All those links are down below
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Leave that in a comment down below
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Until next time, Stay Sweet!


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