Neon Cupcakes // How To Bake Bright Neon Cupcakes

Neon Cupcakes // How To Bake Bright Neon Cupcakes

NEON CUPCAKES | How to bake bright, neon cupcakes – no fading

Hey lovely people! I’m back to share with you how to bake bright coloured cupcakes without browning or fading, and how to colour Swiss meringue buttercream perfectly every single time. Let’s start with the cupcakes.

CUPCAKES (Recipe will yield in 15 cupcakes):
1. Set oven to 275 in a convection oven, or 300 in a standard oven. 2. Prepare vanilla cake recipe, and divide into three bowls. Pick colours of choice – I like to use both oil-based colours and gels for this part. ChefMaster makes great oil-based colours and I have yet to find a product that I prefer over this one. They also make great gel colours in a variety of shades I love. I used ChefMaster candy colour in pink, and ChefMaster gel colour in neon green.
3. To each bowl, add some white food colour. ChefMaster also makes a great white and the bottle is BIG so it lasts forever! Mix to combine. I find these colours super potent so you really don’t need much.
4. Once colour is incorporated fully into each bowl, transfer batter into piping bags.
5. In a lined cupcake pan, layer the batter in whichever order you prefer. Fill liners about 2/3 of the way.
6. Bake cupcakes for 25-27 minutes. Low and slow is the key here and DO NOT open the oven. I have been curious many times and done this when baking colour cupcakes, and just like all recipes, your cake will fall if cool air is allowed into the oven.
7. Voila! There should be no browning or fading of your food colour. Cool cupcakes before icing.

Now moving onto the Swiss meringue buttercream.

1. Prepare single batch of buttercream.
2. Divide into as many bowls as you would like colours – I did three.
3. Using an OIL-BASED colour, tint your icing. I HIGHLY recommend using oil-based colours for SMBC. There’s something about mixing fat (oil) with fat (butter) that is just magical and will tint your buttercream just perfect every time. Now that being said, you can also use gels, but the key here is to add your colour, and then very gently warm your buttercream up. When SMBC is slightly heated, the gel colour will meld into your buttercream (I will do a more detailed video on this soon).
4. Prepare three (or more) bags with piping tips and fill with your buttercream.
5. You’re ready to ice your cupcakes. HAVE FUN and go wild 💗

*Tips I used to pipe are a medium open star, a medium petal, and a medium French tip 💕

The colour possibilities are endless with these cupcakes, and you can even add sprinkles to your mix. Hope you love these and thank you so much for watching! Leave me any questions below 💗

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