How to Make Rose Cake Pops | Piped Rose Valentine’s Treat | CarlyToffle

How to Make Rose Cake Pops | Piped Rose Valentine’s Treat | CarlyToffle

How to Make Rose Cake Pops | Piped Rose Valentine’s Treat | CarlyToffle

Easy DIY Valentine’s treat idea. Beautiful buttercream piped red rose cake pops video tutorial that is completely unique and sure to impress. Bake your way to a romantic night today with these edible red rose Valentines goodies.

If someone made me these for Valentines, I would be a very happy girl! Give me cake pops over a bunch of flowers any day. These cake pops combine the two main ingredients for a good Valentines day- flowers and sweet treats! I’m no pro but these little beauties are much easier than you may thing. I only had a few of practice goes before I made this tutorial; it really is that simple to pick up!


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To make this for yourself you will need:
♡ 100g/5½oz/½ cup unsalted butter
♡ 200g/7oz/1½ cups icing sugar
♡ 200g/7oz/2¼ cups chocolate cake- I bought one from the store
♡ 2-3 tbsp. chocolate buttercream – I used Betty Crocker
♡ Candy melts or melted chocolate – I used Candy melts
♡ 1 tsp. vanilla
♡ Red food colour – I used Wilton
♡ Green food colour – I used Wilton

Equipment you will need:
♡ Mixing bowls
♡ Electric Mixer
♡ Piping bags
♡ Petal tip 104
♡ Leaf tip 67
♡ Cake pop sticks
♡ Cake pop stand/polystyrene block

1. Crumble chocolate cake between your fingers, then add the buttercream and mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture comes together to form a ball.
2. Roll the mixture between to your fingers to form small balls, then roll one end to form a cone shape. Place these in the fridge to chill for 20 minutes.
3. Once chilled, dip the cake pop sticks in candy melts or melted chocolate and push the stick into the cake. Place back in the fridge for another 20 minutes.
4. To create the buttercream, cream together butter and icing sugar. Then add the vanilla and mix again. Then take a small spoonful of the mixture out and colour this with green food colour for the leaves on the roses. Then you can add the red food colouring to the rest of the mixture. Transfer the mixture into piping bags, using the 104 tip for the red buttercream and tip 67 for the green buttercream.
5. To pipe the red roses, position the tip so the wider end is angled to the floor. Then pipe a ring around the very bottom of the cake pop whilst twisting the cake pop stick. Pipe another ring around the top of the cake pop angled inwards to create a small hole. Then whilst twisting the cake pop stick between your fingers, using the no.104 tip, pipe sweeping motions up and over the sides of the cake; similar to a rainbow shape. Continue this movement until you have done at least 3/4 complete turns of the flower nail to build up the rose. Then starting at the very bottom pipe four tall loops to create the larger petals around the outside. Then using the leaf tip, apply pressure to the very bottom of the cake pop and slowly release the pressure as you pull upwards. The leaves you pipe should help cover up any seams or any messy bits.
6. Then place in the fridge to set the buttercream. Personally, I would keep these in the fridge until your ready to serve—I think they taste better chilled.

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