How to Make a Vegan Pumpkin Roll

How to Make a Vegan Pumpkin Roll

(upbeat music) today I’m going to be teaching you how to get your roll on alright? oh man. what happened to the eye? did I just do that? kids are gonna be so pissed (offscreen) BABE! (music) .welcome back everyone. thank you so much for joining. today we’re in the kitchen rolling up something amazing. we’re gonna be making a vegan pumpkin roll and there’s really two basic things you’re gonna need in order to get this whole contraption together. it’s gonna be some type of cloth that doesn’t soak up a whole ton of moisture. a cheesecloth is a really good cloth I didn’t have this cloth when initially making the video so it’s possible to do it without it and then a baking sheet that is 15 by 10. any of the other sizes may have the mixture a little too thick or too thin so you really can’t put it together very well.

Outside of these this recipe uses very little ingredients but is really delicious. it will send that like autumn aroma flowing through the household. this recipe will bring you back to like when you’re a kid and used to come in the house from like playing outside all day, and you grab the doorknob (doorknob opening sound while talking) and slightly nudge the door open and that pumpkin or apple cinnamon flavor just like forces you into submission. you’re like forget it. I don’t want dinner. I just want what whatever desserts being cooked up and you’re like mom what is that awesome smell and she’s like (mom voice) oh baby, it’s my pumpkin spice candle I got from the store. you say, say what.

It’s it’s a candle. we (dramatic pause) say what mom. mom say it again what’d you say mom it’s what? you said it’s a candle (pause) (gasp) AHHHHH (music) personally I’m not about washing dishes so make sure you get a bowl big enough to hold all your ingredients in start off with apple sauce and brown sugar and make sure you combine it well. you should have this kind of sparkling looking mud then go ahead and dump in your canned pumpkin and give it a whirl and get ready to dump in your dry ingredients. here we’re going to shake out our flour then we’re going to add our spices right on top. cinnamon ,cloves, allspice , nutmeg and ginger. right before bringing it all together we’re gonna add some baking powder, some baking soda, and some salt. combine it well make sure you don’t forget the sides. whip out your baking sheet make sure you have some parchment paper as well it’s gonna be really important you grease the whole thing. especially here and here. time to dump in the batter spread it evenly make sure you get it all the way to the ends.

At this point if you’re thinking this looks really thin you’re completely correct. stick it in the oven and pat yourself on the back. for the filling get a good dairy-free cream cheese add in your vegan butter and whip it together toss in some powdered sugar, Whip It Again, add in your vanilla and give it a last go until it’s smooth. when ready stick it in the fridge to set up. with your cake freshly out the oven it’s time to be quick and careful. add your powdered sugar, then your cloth then any heat resistant surface bigger than your cake. grab your gloves and clinch the two surfaces together. begin to carefully rotate the pan, squat and ask yourself are you feeling froggy. carefully remove the pan and parchment paper. then layer with powdered sugar. once that looks good position the cake so you can roll it.

from here we’re gonna roll the cake, slowly, just to make sure we get it nice and tight. as you’re rolling, make sure you use your fingertips to tuck it all in. once completed, let it rest until it completely cools. from here we’re gonna roll the cake out slowly to prevent any serious crackage. spread the frosting evenly from end to end. roll it back together opposite the way you rolled it out, get the roll on some plastic wrap and wrap it tightly and refrigerate to set up. at this point make sure you never pull this out of the back of a car as it could be mistaken for something else. carefully peel away the plastic wrap, and top with powdered sugar, slice these into about 1 inch slices and prepare to enjoy. thank you for watching please share this with a friend and…. one other thing. (rewind sound) chocolate lovers check out the blog to get this variation (music plays) .

Vegan Pumpkin Rolls!

Watch until the end for an epic new idea!

We take this classic fall dessert and make it a vegan pumpkin roll.  Filled with delicious vegan cream cheese frosting and topped with powdered sugar! Plus, a bonus vegan chocolate pumpkin roll option.


Vegan/dairy free/egg free/can be Top 8 Allergen Free

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