Hey and welcome if this is your first time here my name is Satya I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist and you are on the pickup lines Channel yay today’s topic is going to be smoothies and five ways that you can make them more healthy now you’re probably thinking fatty smoothies are already healthy why do you have to go and make them healthier well the reason is because if you’re going to be making a smoothie anyway there’s a few things that you can do that will make your smoothies more delicious and nutritious let’s find out what those things are so forget adding any sugar or syrup or honey to your smoothies all you need is some of nature’s candy fruit not only is this going to make your smoothies satisfyingly sweet it’s also going to give you the added benefit of fiber that other sweeteners can’t now my go-to as a base for almost all of my smoothies is frozen bananas because it makes them naturally frosty and creamy we all know smoothies need some kind of liquid right you can use water it’s super hydrating you can use coconut water as lots of electrolytes but typically I’m going to be using some kind of plant-based milk and the reason for that is the calcium i’m usually actually using a soy milk just because it offers more protein naturally than almond milk or rice milk but that’s not the focus really the focus here is the calcium so any non-dairy milks will do as long as it’s fortified so make sure you check the label to make sure that that calcium has been added now veggies have more vitamins and minerals than is reasonable but I don’t think anyone’s going to be complaining about that low in calorie super high in nutrients and like fruit really high in fiber it’s going to help to keep you fuller for longer and it also helps to aid with digestion try a dark leafy green like spinach kale or parsley maybe some kind of root vegetables like carrots or my personal favorite beetroot and if you’re looking for something a bit more hydrating cucumbers and celery work great now we’ve all heard about just how important these Omega fats are and because I don’t eat fish I try to make sure that I get it from my diet from whole food sources at least twice a day now whole food plant sources that are naturally really high in omega-3 fats are hemp seeds ground flax seeds walnuts and chia seeds I’m always adding it to my breakfast parfait in the morning there’s a video coming soon on that by the way and it’s so delicious but it’s equally is easy to add it to your smoothie whether you’re going to be blending it inside or sprinkling it on top it really doesn’t matter as long as you make sure that you’re getting some and there’s one added benefit to omega-3 fat from these foods can you guess it fiber are you noticing a trend here get a little bit nutty with your smoothies whether you’re adding some kind of nut butter like peanut butter or almond butter whole nuts like almonds cashews hazelnuts pecans or even seed like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds the reason for this is because these whole fat sources help to keep you fuller for longer especially important if you’re enjoying your smoothie as your main meal they like for breakfast but sometimes I will omit it if I’m just enjoying my smoothie as a snack plus there’s one more benefit that these foods offered can you get it this time yeah okay obviously it’s fiber there’s something about drinking smoothies that feels like it’s instantly nourishing every one of your 37 trillion cells and I personally love just how versatile they can be whether I’m enjoying it first thing in the morning or taking it with me on the road if I know I’m going to need a snack for later regardless of when you like to enjoy your smoothies I hope that you found at least one useful tip in this video and by the way if you found that your mouth was salivating while you were watching any of the clips of the smoothies don’t worry I’ve got the recipes you’ve got to head over to the pickup lines log to check them out it’s going to be in the description down below or you can watch any of the previous videos that I’ve posted where I show you in a minute or less how you can make these smoothies for yourself now he found this video helpful give me a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already because you don’t want to miss out on any future videos thanks for watching and I’ll catch you soon you

These 5 quick tips will help to make your smoothies more delicious and nutritious.
Cheers to good health!
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