Healthy Holiday Drinks //  Easy Drink Recipes Vegan

Healthy Holiday Drinks // Easy Drink Recipes Vegan

Healthy Holiday Drinks | Easy Drink Recipes Vegan!

hey guys welcome back it to my channel today marks the first holiday video of
2018 and I'm super excited because I'm bringing you some holiday drinks thought
I would stand near my Christmas tree for this intro to to make it extra festive
but all of these drinks are super delicious they're better for you than
the ones that are filled with sugar that you would typically get at your coffee
shop this time of year I will leave my ones I did last year in
the description box below as well because there's a peppermint mocha in
there and things like that that I didn't make in this video let me know any
holiday requests you guys have down below thank you let's get into the
delicious holiday drinks so the first holiday drink we are making is this
hazelnut hot chocolate I'm starting off by using half a cup of coconut milk now
this is the secret to getting a really rich and decadent hot chocolate I
suppose we're making it with just water then I add the other half to be almond
milk so you really get that decadence from the full fat coconut milk and mint
a little bit from the almond milk then I heat that up in my frother and while
that's heating I'm gonna take two tablespoons of cacao you can also use
cocoa if you find it just look for one that's just unsweetened plain you don't
want anything else add it into it put that into your mug
and then I'm adding in a little bit of vanilla so 1/4 teaspoon here just for
some flavor as well as some coconut hazelnut butter so I found hazelnut
butter that just had cacao added if you just find plain hazelnut butter you can
just add a little bit more cacao but it's a great way to kind of get that
like Nutella vibe without getting any dairy or anything else inside of it so
once your milk is done you can go ahead and pour that into the top and it mixes
so nicely all you have to do after is you look a little frother I'm using my
handheld one I use this all the time in my kitchen so i really suggest getting
one you can get them on Amazon for like kind of twelve dollars blend it up until
smooth and then I'm adding on a scoop full of coconut whipped so you guys have
seen me do this all the time I take the thick part of the coconut milk and I
just beat it with some beaters and then for high speed about two three minutes
and you'll get that but a couple hazelnuts on top and you have this
wonderful decadent hazelnut hot chocolate basically kind of I gonna tell
her chocolate but made with healthier
ingredients good for you and it's really going to satisfy that sweet tooth next
up were making a peppermint matcha latte so I'm starting off with a teaspoon of
matcha this is my favorite one it's from a Poteau you can really taste the
difference between good quality matcha and bad quality matcha I'm adding in a
little bit of water and then whisking that with the hand frother until that's
nice and smooth I'm adding in a tablespoon of coconut butter which is
gonna melt into the milk and give it this really rich creaminess if you don't
have coconut butter you can also just use half coconut milk half almond milk
like we did before and then I'm using those candy canes that I found at Whole
Foods they're made with all-natural ingredients and the color comes from
fruit juice it doesn't taste like fruit though and I'm using that kind of stir
it in and you got the peppermint but the matcha and matcha is so great for you as
well next up we are making a snickerdoodle latte which is probably
one of my favorite ones that I've created for this season so I'm starting
off by dipping the rim of my glass into some of the extra coconut milk that we
had from the previous one and that way it's gonna really adhere to the sides
and you get this really fun rim as well because I'm not adding too much
sweetness into this either so then I'm just dipping the rim and a little bit of
coconut sugar because we're not adding any kind of sugar this is a really good
low glycemic unrefined sugar that's just gonna line the top of it and give you a
little bit of sweetness so then I'm taking this sugar cookie tea this is my
favorite holiday tea it's super inexpensive it's almost at every grocery
store and then I'm adding in some cardamom from some flavor as well as
some cinnamon and so it's really gonna give us that kind of snickerdoodle feel
as well as some vanilla extract so putting that in I'm putting in some
water just to help steep the tea so you really get that tea flavor and then
adding almond milk for the rest of it and as you guys can see they share kind
of melts on the side and if you want you can add in some of that coconut whipped
that I did and the other recipes as well a little dusting of coconut sugar on the
top but again not much to munis in this recipe but you really get that cookie
feel with the sugar cookie tea and the rim and lastly we're making a
gingerbread latte because what kind of holiday drink video with this beat if we
didn't make a gingerbread latte so I'm starting off with espresso you don't
have to add ass press o if you don't want to you can use strong coffee then
we're going to add in the classic spices so that cinnamon cardamom as well
as clove and ginger and all of these spices are really warming they're great
at balancing your blood sugar and they really give you that spice to feel that
you get in Gingerbread I'm also adding in a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses now
it's important to use blackstrap molasses because that's the one that has
the benefits so you don't want to get plain on the label it'll say blackstrap
if it is blackstrap so just look for that kind in all your holiday baking
because that's the one that's gonna give you all the benefits it's gonna be
better for your blood sugar and all that then I'm adding in almond milk but again
you can use cashew milk hemp milk whatever kind of plant-based milk that
you like in this recipe heat it up either on the stove top or on
the frother and then just add it in finish it off a little bit of cinnamon
and you are good to go such a festive delicious recipe so I hope you guys
enjoyed if you did don't forget to give it a good old thumbs up and leave me a
comment down below the fate your favorite drink at
Christmastime I hope you guys are all having a great day and I'll see you in
my next video bye guys


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