Healthy Holiday Cookies // Easy Christmas Recipes

Healthy Holiday Cookies // Easy Christmas Recipes


hey everyone and welcome back it to my channel don't forget to subscribe if
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going on on there so make sure you follow there so the first cookie we are
making is this peppermint chocolate cookie which is one of my favorites
during the holidays so I'm using some ground flax was just gonna add some
fiber so Omega threes and it's also an anti-inflammatory then some coconut oil
which is a medium chain triglyceride and it's gonna help boost our metabolism
some coconut sugar which is an unrefined sugar so it's a great sugar to use and
then we're gonna add in our flax egg which has been sitting along with a
little bit of peppermint extract which is a great anti-inflammatory it helps a
digestion and it's good also for pain like joint pain and also headaches so
I'm stirring that up and then we're going to be adding in some baking soda
and the baking soda just kind of helps the cookies rise / stay together / it
just helps make the cookies that bind and all that kind of stuff I'm adding in
a little bit of Himalayan salt because the salt really complements the sweet +
Himalayan salt balances pH some cacao and cacao is loaded with antioxidants it
has in an ammonite which actually boosts the serotonin levels in your brain and
when once you don't cook it like less than 350 you actually don't end up
killing all of the benefits of cacao so as long as you bake these at 350 or
under were still gonna get all the benefits of it which is great so I'm
stirring that all together and then after chilling it and this is important
you need to chill this dough for about 15 minutes and then scooping it into
little balls and I'm putting that on my silicone mat and I love this mat off
Amazon if you guys want to know because I've been using a lot of my videos and
it's just really handy for like baking things come right off and it doesn't
stick it's perfect especially for the holidays and then I'm sprinkling on a
little bit of the organic candy canes that I got at Whole Foods that you can
find ones that don't have artificial colors and flavors and then I bake those
cookies at 350 for 10 minutes and let them cool to make sure that they
don't break apart the next one we are making are these snickerdoodle cookies
so I'm starting off with almond flour which is loaded with vitamin E as well
as coconut flour which has lots of good healthy fats
it also has protein and adds the fiber and then I'm adding in some baking soda
again kind of cookie staple to help bind rise and all that kind of stuff
Himalayan salt again balances your pH has lots of central minerals in it and
then it's in a minute it's in a minute is great because it balances your blood
sugar and overall just keeps it steady throughout the day so that if you are
eating a cookie like this it's not gonna like spike the sugar and then bring it
back down a little bit of maple syrup which is great for immunity as well as
some vanilla extract which has lots of antioxidants and then mixing that dough
together and you're gonna have to work with this a little bit to that you get
like a nice thicker dough so just keep working with it and then to roll it in
I'm putting in some coconut sugar as well as a little bit more cinnamon and
then I make balls with the dough and I'm rolling it into coke on the outside with
this cinnamon sugar mixture and then I press them down slightly and then we
just have to bake them off and I topped them with a little bit of coconut butter
to kind of make like an icing almost so it's kind of like cinnamon and icing
they taste so delicious and lastly we are making a shortbread cookie so these
are coconut shortbread cookies so I'm starting off with some coconut flour
again a really great thing to use if you don't want to use coconut flour it is
you have to do like triple the recipe of the flour you use so it's 1/4 cup
coconut flour to the one cup of whatever else some vegan butter as well as some
vanilla extract and some maple syrup as you guys can see there's a trend here
and then you just cut in the butter or let the vegan butter in my case into the
dough and if you aren't using vegan butter I would suggest using grass-fed
butter then you just put it onto your countertop I don't need flour to put
underneath but you might and then you just kind of mold it with your hand
until you get like a nice dough shape we're going to be rolling it out and
then making shapes as well but this is such a versatile cookie this is also a
basic cookie that you can then to put different kind of designs on top
if you want to decorate but I had a large struggle finding like icing that
wasn't like artificial ingredients but that was colored so I just left mine as
is so I just roll it out about a quarter of an inch thick and then I'm using my
little stars to make little star shapes and then you just have to lay them again
on your silicone baking sheet or spray it on if you're not using a mat and
we're gonna bake those off and once they're done they just look like this
they're a bit golden on the edges and again you want to let these cool before
moving them so that they don't break apart so I hope you guys enjoyed it
these holiday cookies if you make them be sure to tag me and show me on
Instagram and I will see you guys in my next video
bye guys


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