Elf on the Shelf Makes Christmas Cookies

Elf on the Shelf Makes Christmas Cookies


Elf on the Shelf Makes Christmas Cookies | FunFoods


hey everyone it’s James from fun foods and today I got a very special Christmas
recipe for you we’re gonna show you how to make these Christmas cookies and I
have a very special guest all the way from the North Pole it has slapjack the
scout elf he’s gonna help me out here and we’re gonna show you step by step
how to make these now the first thing we’re going to do is start off with a
large bowl and we’re going to use this pre-made cookie mixture and I’m gonna
open this up here there you go and slapjack why don’t you do the honors
and pour it into the bowl
next we’re going to add three tablespoons of flour this is because
we’re gonna make cut out cookies and it needs that flour to help it along why
don’t you go ahead and put those three tablespoons of flour in there slapjack
all right slapjack why don’t you pass me that egg I’ll crack it and put it in our
there we go and I think I’ll dump in the one stick
of butter this is softened at room temperature and
I’ll leave it up to you slapjack you can do the mixing
great job Slapjack so slapjack just got done mixing our
dough I’ll go ahead and take this from you and stick this in the sink now what
we got to do is turn our dough out and roll it flat to about 1/4 inch in
thickness so we can cut out the shapes for our cookies so now I’m just going to
roll this out and I’ll start the process and will that slapjack finish it up
and when that’s all rolled out we’re gonna use our cookie cutters and we’re
gonna cut these Christmas shapes which is a gingerbread man a Christmas tree
and a star and we’re just gonna put it on our baking sheet and we’re gonna bake
it in the oven for anywhere between seven and nine minutes at 375 degrees of
course we can decorate the top of them first with some sprinkles I have some
red and green sprinkles or you can leave them plain and just decorate it with
icing after they cool all right slapjack go ahead and cut out
our Christmas shapes
all right so our cookies are out of the oven it took about nine and a half
minutes but ours were quite thick you don’t have to make your as quite as
thick as we did and just let them cool down completely before you start eating
them well now it’s time for the taste test I’m gonna try one of our little
Christmas trees that we made and I guess I’ll break off a piece for a slapjack
here I’ll just leave it right there for him he will take care of that still nice
and warm I do love them like that mm-hmm good the smell of Christmas is in the
air well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me me and
slapjack make these Christmas cookies we had a great time making these I hope you
enjoyed this video and if you did please hit that like button also hit that big
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and be sure to check out some of the videos I have off to the side I think you may
enjoy those as well and until then see you next week


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