Easy Caramel Apple Slices for Halloween

Easy Caramel Apple Slices for Halloween

Welcome back to college kitchen today’s video is about easy caramel apple slices for Arlene welcome back to college kitchen I’m Karen I’m Robin and we are the channel where I’m teaching Robin how to make things for when she goes to college and we were inviting you to come along so that you can learn things too you’re welcome today’s video is about making easy caramel apple slices for Halloween we love Halloween in this house we love Halloween I mean what we really have a costume yeah Robin’s a blue person and I’m a cat I put a blue face the blue we thought it would be fun as a Halloween episode to make caramel apple slices for you as always anything that you see in this video you can find links to in the description below so you want to know go check it out okay let’s get started let’s do this so first we’re just going to cut an apple and make it into slices so are you ready for that no well get ready because here we go okay there are a couple of different ways to cut an apple into slices I have my own way and it’s probably not like the way anybody else out there does it so it’s do it how do you do it I’m gonna teach Robin how I do it because I think it’s really easy so I’m easy yeah real easy okay so we have our apple slices and now we are going to teach you how to make the caramel and we made really easy caramel yeah we took the caramels that are in little packages down at the store squares and it got clear wrap uh-huh and we put them on the stove and melted it with two tablespoons of water and it took about ten minutes and it was really old easy so this is literally the easiest way to make caramel apples out there and affordable for any college student that’s right we have our caramel we have an apple and then we are doing some little toppings if you would like because we’re fancy yet this is crushed up Oreos this is sprinkles you could do peanuts or mini chocolate chips lots of options so what you’re going to do Robin and everyone out there is when you take an apple slice and just kind of dip it in the caramel and spin it around until it’s covered about halfway with caramel and then I’m gonna put some Oreo pieces on it just like that is the easiest thing in the world and then you just lay it on a wax covered pan I’m gonna dip it in sprinkles Lucas I don’t love Oreos oh she doesn’t it’s true but Leah my son and I really like Oreos so we’ll probably be the ones making the sprinkles got on the Apple too or you can just save it with the caramel and then just eat it it doesn’t even have to have any kind of topping you can just have the caramel cuz that’s delicious in and of itself that’s right okay we’ve got our apples and we’re ready to taste I’m so excited yeah yeah mmmm oh my gosh I love caramel it’s one of my favorite things oh it’s really good with the Oreo I’ve never had that before and I just hit mom taste mom yeah so super easy super delicious and we are super glad that we got to share this recipe with you if you liked it we would love it if you would subscribe to our Channel and share this video with all your friends yeah you guys are amazing please make sure and check back for our next video we put out videos every Tuesday on Friday on this channel make sure you give this video a thumbs up and comment down below what your favorite Halloween tree is yeah and we’ll see you next time on college kitchen bye

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Easy Caramel Apple Slices Recipe:

1 Bag of Caramels
2 Tbsp water
4-5 medium sized apples
Optional: Crushed Oreos, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, drizzled chocolate, chopped nuts.

Melt caramel over med heat with 2 tbsp water. Keep an eye on the caramel as it can heat up fast so stir pretty often. Cut apples into slices. Pat dry apples with paper towel to remove excess moisture. Line a pan with wax or parchment paper and spray with Pam Cooking Spray. Dip half of the apple in the melted caramel. Add any optional topping you want or keep with just caramel. Place on pan. Once finished put in fridge for 30 minutes to set. Then share, eat, enjoy!

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Karin and Robin make easy caramel apple slices for Halloween! They are affordable for anyone on a budget and great for friends and family at Halloween!

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