Cupcakes de Chocolate

Cupcakes de Chocolate

Cupcakes de Chocolate | Quiero Cupcakes!

Hi Cupcakers!
Today I will show you how to make super chocolate cupcakes.
These are a temptation to all of us that love chocolate.
For the cake we will need:
sieved flour,
cocoa powder,
white vinegar,
baking soda
and baking powder.
We start by adding the flour,
the cocoa powder
the baking powder
and the baking soda.
Stir it well
and we put it aside.
We also add the white vinegar to the milk
and we let it rest for 10 minutes while we continue with the recipe.
In the mixer we put the butter
and the sugar.
And with the paddle attachment
we beat at medium speed for 5 minutes until fully integrated.
Remember that the butter must be at room temperature.
It will be easier to mix this way.
Once mixed we add the first egg.
And we incorporated before adding the next one.
So it doesn't curd the cake
all ingredients must be at room temperature.
So before doing the cake
it's best to take out of the fridge the milk, the butter, the eggs.
Anyway, all that could be cold.
At this moment the vinager
has done it's job on the milk.
Don't worry about the lumps.
This tells us that our buttermilk is ready.
Now we lower the speed to minimum.
Before adding the dry ingredients.
We add them little by little 1 spoonful at the time.
To make the mixing easier, we add half the buttermilk.
We continue like this until all the ingredients are in the bowl.
We'll let the ingredients get incorporated just the right amount of time.
So 3 or 4 minutes will be enough.
We don't want to over mix or dough.
Once we don't have flour or cocoa lumps
in our mix, it's ready.
With the help of a ice cream scoop
we fill the capsules between half the capsule
and 2/3 of it's capacity.
If we fill them more
they could grow too much and go over the pan.
Once done, we take them to the oven.
Once baked we let them cool 5 minutes in a cooling rack.
We put syrup on them.
This is optional.
But this way we avoid
that the surface hardens.
When all of them have syrup n them,
we let them cool fully in the cooling rack.
This way
we avoid them getting humidity in the base
and detaching from the capsules.
For the buttercream we'll need:
powdered sugar
and black chocolate.
We start by adding the butter
and the powdered sugar in the mixer.
And mix at medium speed for 1 minute.
Now we up the speed of the mixer and mix for 5 minutes.
This way the buttercream gets air.
And it will be creamy and light.
Once done we put it aside while we melt the chocolate.
We prepare a saucepan for bain marie.
And put it on medium heat.
We add the chocolate
and stir until it completely melts.
We can also melt it in the microwave.
But this way we have more
control and we make sure it doesn't burn.
Once melted turn off the stove and we remove it.
Before adding the buttercream
we have to let the chocolate cool.
If we add it too hot the buttercream
will become watery.
That's why it's important to stir it
non stop until it turns room temperature.
Once cooled while we beat at high speed:
We add it to the buttercream little by little.
We let them mix for 2 minutes.
After this it will be creamy and consistent.
We put it in a pastry bag
and take it to the fridge for 5 minutes
to become a little more consistent.
I'm going to give them thick pompadours.
For that I use a
14mm nozzle.
This decoration is very easy.
With a couple of turns with the pastry bag it will be ready.
To give it a even more chocolate taste
we pour a little bit of chocolate syrup over them.
And for the final touch
we place mini black chocolate bars on them.
These cupcakes have a intense chocolate taste.
It's an expression of taste
for lovers of this loved confectionery ingredient.
I hope that you like this recipe and that you tell me you thoughts.
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See you soon Cupcakers!


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