Create A Magical Dessert Table // Christmas

Create A Magical Dessert Table // Christmas

Create a magical dessert table | Christmas | Woolworths SA

Do a little PIY (plate it yourself) ✨

How to set the scene for some sweet magic:

1. Create stencil artwork by dusting icing sugar over doilies or cake stencils. Repeat on the table surface and arrange with your favourite Woolworths Assorted Fruit Mince Pies.
2. Lay down edible gold leaf or tissue paper and top with Woolworths Chocolate & Salted Caramel Melting Desserts.
3. Spread meringue frosting over a plate and sprinkle with Woolworths edible shimmer stars. Place a chocolate buche de noël on top.
4. Layer one profiterole mille-feuille on top of another to make a tower and insert sparklers.
5. Roll out marzipan and cut out snowflakes – use to decorate tables and desserts.
6. Arrange blueberry sprigs around your table and dress with De Villiers Single Origin Chocolate Truffles, Christmas cakes and wreath cakes.
7. Light those sparklers!
8. Pour bubbling hot caramel sauce over the chocolate desserts and wait for the melting magic to happen.
9. Let the festivities begin!

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