Christmas Cranberry Orange Muffins

Christmas Cranberry Orange Muffins

Cranberries in the US are a staple around the holidays so needless to say I love cranberries and I could not wait until the holiday season here as soon as I hit I went and I bought a bunch of cranberries and I’ve been making a bunch of stuff with cranberries just because I love cranberries I love cranberry muffins cranberry desserts cranberry sauce homemade it’s just the best today I’ll be making cranberry orange muffins just a classic around the holidays and pretty much any time of the year I wish I could find cranberries year-round but I can’t so I’m going to be enjoying these well they are in season I love the cranberries and orange flavor it just really pulls through and it just reminds me of Christmas time so let’s get to it any large bowl add in your flour your baking powder and your salt and go ahead and whisk everything together until it is combined I’m just using a regular whisk here and mix it up so it’s nice and combined and then in another large bowl go ahead and add in your sugar your melted coconut oil your two eggs your milk that has been at room temperature and then your orange juice I just squeezed a fresh orange and got my fresh orange juice my zest I’ve dusted my orange first and then I squeezed the juice out of it and go ahead and add in your vanilla and mix up everything until it is nice and combined so once it is nice and combined go ahead and add in your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients look at that YUM so go ahead and mix all that up and I am using a spatula this is actually my holiday spatula my Christmas spatula and I just love it I’ve had it for years and every time Christmas comes around I pull it out once everything is incorporated add in your fresh cranberries that you’ve washed and drained and mix it all up I love cranberries they’re just so special around the holidays I mean they’re special any time of the year but especially around the holidays and look at those colors yes that is delicious so once it kind of looks like this your house is going to be smelling very festive E and orange e so to a lined muffin tin go ahead and plop in your dough and or your batter and add extra cranberries to the top make sure your oven is preheated at 425 and you are going to want to bake it for 5 minutes after 5 minutes it’s up go ahead and lower your heat to 375 and bake it for another 13 to 15 minutes I’m I have the small tents but if you have the big tins you’ll probably only get like 12 muffins so this is what it looks like when it comes out while it cools I’m gonna work on my place all you want to do is add in some powdered sugar and more freshly squeezed orange juice and mix it up and tell it is pretty watery so that glazes will harden on top of the muffins so you want it pretty liquidy so you can glaze the top of your muffins and I’m just using the spoon to glaze them and I’m just rocking the spoon back and forth that’s what you’ll want to do you don’t have to add the glaze just like you don’t have to add the cranberries on top but I think it looks really festive the Christmas like and it’s just really pretty and if you’re wondering why the muffins are so white that’s just a nature of this recipe and I believe it’s probably because I use coconut oil so if you’re using vegetable oil your muffins might be a little darker so mine are pretty white and I really like the way they came out way that they are so delicious and decadent they’re sweet yet tardy you definitely taste the orange in them the cranberries start to pop and there’s just so good they’re better the next day if you want to sit and if you use coconut oil make sure you warm them up or you can just dunk them in your morning coffee like I did today they’re super delicious I hope you guys give this a try around the holidays or any time of the year and thanks for watching I’ll see you on the next one bye

Christmas is right around the corner and I could not be more thrilled! This time of the year it is easy to get caught up in over spending on presents and decking your house out for the holidays or if your like me over indulging in treats because it is the perfect time to bake. But in all honesty I’ve been wanting cranberry muffins for a long time now and I have not been able to get my hands on any cranberries so as I saw them at Costco, I bought a bunch…. will not say how many bags because I am a bit embarrassed but I already went through a whole bag and a half and I am regretting not buying more… This muffins are perfect for this time of the year and in all honesty anytime of the year with a nice big cup of coffee or tea. They taste better the next day and I could not be more excited on how they turned out. The orange glaze on top is so good, the muffins have the perfect amount of sweetness to tartiness. Hope you give this one a try, thanks for watching! Subscribe if you have not, I’d love to have you here! The recipe follows as do all my link and if your ever wondering about the tools I use, I have them linked.


Some useful tools I use in the kitchen:

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer:
All Clad Stainless-Steel Set:
All Clad Skillet 10 inch:
All Clad Skillet 8 inch:
All Clad 6 QT. Saute Pan:
All Clad Sauce Pan 3qt:
Muffin liners:
Muffin Tin Nonstick:
Blendtec Blender
Hamilton Bay Emulsion Blender
Rolling Pin
OXO Bread Scraper
13×9 Baking Dish
Cuisinart Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Cuisinart Oven Mitts
Fish Spatula
Collapsible Funnel
Spiral Whisk
Pyrex Mixing Bowl
Pyrex Bowl 3 set:
Food Processor

Cranberry Orange Muffins

2 ½ cups all-purpose Flour
4 teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoons Salt
½ cup Coconut Oil (melted)
1 cup Sugar
2 Eggs (room temp)
½ cup Milk (room temp)
¼ cup orange juice
Zest of one Orange
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 ½ cup fresh Cranberries

Orange Glaze

1 cup powdered Sugar
3 Tablespoons orange juice

Preheat oven to 425 degree F. Line muffin tin with paper liners.
In a large bowl add flour, baking powder and salt and whisk till combined. In a medium bowl, add melted coconut oil, sugar, eggs, milk, orange juice, orange zest and vanilla and whisk until everything is combined. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and fold until it is combined, then fold in the cranberries. Divide the batter between the lined muffin tin. Add extra cranberries to the top for looks. Bake at 425F degrees for 5 minutes, then reduce the oven temp to 375F degree and bake for another 13-15 minutes.
While the muffins bake, prepare the graze. In a small bowl add the powdered sugar and one tablespoon at a time of orange juice and whisk until the glaze is a bit runny or to the consistency you desire. Top the muffins once they cooled out of the oven for a few minutes with glaze. Enjoy!

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