APPLE PIE Pizza!? Thanksgiving Dessert Pizza!

APPLE PIE Pizza!? Thanksgiving Dessert Pizza!

(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Alyssia. – And I’m Christian. – And welcome to Eat The Pizza. – And today, we are making the highly requested, thanks to you guys, apple pie pizza. – Yes, it’s perfect for Thanksgiving or the holidays. – Yep, and this episode is brought to you by Mattress Firm. – Yeah, let’s be real, part of the fun of the holiday season is letting yourself relax and indulge. And the adjustable base from Mattress Firm makes that a lot easier because you can adjust your position to your ultimate comfort and relaxation levels. – Now that’s what I’m talking about. But, what’s a day of R and R without a good snack? We gotta eat some food and today, we’re gonna show you how to make an apple pie pizza, which you can eat yourself, share with your loved ones, family, friends. – You’re not gonna wanna share it though ’cause it’s gonna be so good you’re gonna want it all to yourself.

– I encourage you not to share it. – And, let’s begin. – I encourage you to only eat it only on your own, by yourself. (ominous music) Don’t share it. Don’t even share it.. (scene beeps) – First, we’ve gotta peel and pop. – Peel and pop. – Press spoon against seam. Well, we’ve gotta peel it first. I hate opening these. Oh, no! This is a rectangle. – Oh, it needs to be a circle, we shoulda got a circle kind. – I mean, it doesn’t need to be, – Do they even make a circle? – But I would prefer, (ominous music) – No, I don’t think they do. – I mean I guess you could get it just like. – I would prefer to have a circle pizza today. (thud) – Oh, dang! – How to get this in to a circle? – Well, we start by taking the corners and. (loud whoops) – Alright, that’s like a circle. – Mama Mia. – We gotta prebake the crust while we cut the apples. Into the oven, it goes. (upbeat music) Alright, so, we’re gonna cut the apples. – Cuttin’ it down the center. – Cuttin’ it down the center.

– Here, how’s this? – Well, it’s perfect. – Just right. Who knows if I’m doing the right amount of wedges? – Christian, you better be. Alright, we’ve got our apples. Now, we can, – (Snaps fingers) cuttin’ up. – Cook em up. Alright, we’re making our apple pie filling. Sugar, flour, cinnamon, apples into the mix. (whooping) Now we gotta somehow get them all coated. – Oh! – Ooh! – Let’s get it cooking. And we’re gonna get em nice and coated. Get those apples coated hun, quick before they melt.

– Listen, I’m working on getting em coated. – Get them a little bit better coated. – I’m working on it. – Crap! – What! What, what what?! – We didn’t peel the apples. – Meh, we eat the skin! – No, not in apple pie! – We eat the skin of the apple. – No, not in apple pie, you have to peel the apples. – No, look how soft the are. (scene beeps) Crumble topping, so we got, – Flour. – Flour. – Oats. – Oats. – Brown sugar. – Don’t mind if I do. – Softened butter. – Softened butter. – My favorite spice, that’d be cinnamon, everybody. You make sure the butter’s all crumbled. – Yeah so that’s gonna become the crumble on top of our pie pizza. (upbeat synth music) ♪ baby ♪ (doo wop music) ♪ sha la la ♪ ♪ Congratulations ♪ – Don’t mind that, you’re not gonna see it.

– It’s gonna get covered in apps. ♪ Baby ♪ – I think it looks great! Should we put the dutch, – crumble? – Put the crumble on? (smooth velvety music) – Oh, yeah! – Into the oven it goes, come on. (upbeat funky music) – And now it’s time for the Pizza Fact of the Day, everybody! – The pizza fact is (belches). Early English apple pies actually had no sugar in them, because sugar cost too much and they used sweet fruits like figs instead to sweeten it.

– That’s actually pretty smart. – Yeah, but prolly tastes worse. – Prolly tastes much worse, sorry. Alright, what are we whipping up here? – I think our apple pie pizza needs a frosting. Like an icing. – I agree. – Like I know most apple pies don’t have an icing, but it’ll just go perfectly. – It’s the holidays everybody! – It’s the holidays, you’re indulging, you’re getting a day of R and R. – In goes goes this powdered sug. – Powdered sugar. – In goes this milk.

– A little bit at a time. So you see how that’s nice and thick? Thick? – Now that’s an icing! – Thick, but drizzly is what you’re going for folks. (scene beeps) – (snaps) Come on! – Joe! (doo wop music) ♪ congratulations ♪ ♪ congratulations ♪ – Alrighty! – Whoa, whoa, whoa! This looks freaking amazing! – It does! I’m ready to dig in. – Smells like apple pie. (bright synth music) – And I think it’s time, – To eat the pizza! Let’s do it! Come on! – Ooh! That crust held up well! – Yeah it did, it really did.

– That’s nice. – Cheers to you. – Cheers to you! (upbeat synth music) – (mumble laughter) – That’s really good! (laughs) – That tastes like apple pie, but you eat it like a pizza. – This is a dutch apple pie in the form of a pizza. Which is exactly what you requested. – That crumble is so good on top! – It’s really good. – The apples are perfectly soft. – Adding the icing, the frosting stuff, – Yeah. – Great choice. – And you still have, – how did you do it? – You still have a little bit of the savory balance with the actual pizza crust, so it’s not overly sweet. Like it’s a dessert for sure, but you’ve got that like salty sweet balance, mmmmm.

And I was worried it was gonna be too thick. – Ha! – I was worried it was gonna taste like too much apple pie to crust ratio, and I was worried that the crust wasn’t gonna hold it up. Both of those worries, not a concern now. But that pizza crust gives it the savory. – I think it’s time for us to get to bed, honestly. – (laughs) – I’m ready. – I think we’re, – I’m ready right now. – All right, let’s go. – Let’s get out of here. (scene beeps) – Man, I’m full. – What a great show. – We’re making a buffalo chicken pizza cone, – For our savory. – This year, Mattress Firm is encouraging you to indulge. Maybe it’s in some apple pie pizza, maybe it’s an extra hour of sleep, maybe both. – They have plenty of great flash sales online and in store. – You can learn about them, and learn how to get an adjustable base for free, using the link in the description box.

– Thanks so much for liking, commenting, and subscribing. – I hope that you will try out this pizza. The recipe link is in the description. And we will see you in two weeks, – On Eat The Pizza. (upbeat electronic music) Goodnight Goodnight (laughter) .

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APPLE PIE on pizza!? Why not!? It’s perfect for Thanksgiving dessert!

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