A Sprinkle Celebration

A Sprinkle Celebration

We’ve got an extra special week of baking planned for this week on Instagram because we’re celebrating our Editor-in-Chief’s birthday on April 28th! This week on IGTV, Brian Hart Hoffman is serving up all things sprinkles. He’ll be demonstrating how to make the Birthday Brioche Buns from our March/April issue, a sprinkle-filled take on our Tastes Just Like Wedding Cake recipe, the giant sugar cookie of your dreams, a classic yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and, finally, our Rainbow Sprinkle Bread with Birthday Crumb Topping. We’ll be updating this page with links to the recipes, so stay tuned and follow along and celebrate with us on Instagram (@thebakefeed)!

1. Birthday Brioche Buns

To kick off this sprinkle-packed week, @brianharthoffman’s demonstrating how to make the Birthday Brioche Buns from our March/April 2020 issue. These buns start with an easy brioche dough and are filled with delicious vanilla bean pastry cream. Then they’re topped with icing and, of course, a nice dose of sprinkles to complete the celebratory look!

2. Tastes Just Like Birthday Cake

It’s no secret there’s just something special about the taste of a classic wedding cake, so we decided to transform our Tastes Just Like Wedding Cake recipe. To take this cake from wedding celebration to birthday celebration, we’re adding a healthy dose of sprinkles! Swoops of Almond Buttercream add a little sophistication and elegance to this celebratory layer cake!

3. Sprinkle Sugar Cookie

What’s better than a sprinkle-packed sugar cookie? A giant sprinkle-packed sugar cookie! With pops of color and classic sugar cookie flavor in every slice, this vibrant cookie is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Pipe a Buttercream border around the edges or spread it on top and cover with more sprinkles—there’s no wrong way to eat this cookie! We used a 9-inch springform pan for the sake of easy cookie removal, but a 9-inch round cake pan works too. 

4. Vanilla Buttermilk Mini Cakes with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

There’s something so nostalgic about yellow cake with chocolate frosting and sometimes there’s just nothing better! For day four of Sprinkle Week, we’re taking our Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and turning it into individual mini cakes. Many people are celebrating birthdays with smaller crowds this year, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t still get your own cake. We hope these mini cakes will add a pop of color and sweetness to any birthday celebration!

5. Rainbow Sprinkle Bread with Birthday Crumb Topping

For our last recipe of Sprinkle Week, @brianharthoffman is demonstrating how to make our Rainbow Sprinkle Loaf with Birthday Crumb Topping! It’s all right there in the name—a slice of this loaf with a cup of coffee makes birthday mornings epic! It’s an explosion of birthday cake fun and flavor with a layer of rainbow-sprinkled crumb topping.


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