5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes

5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes

5 New Year’s Eve Drink Recipes | ANN LE

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– Hi everyone, it's me Ann,
and today I'm partnering up with Aldi again
for their Make Holidays Happen program.
I'm going to share with you guys some drinks
that are super yummy and easy to make.
It's perfect for this upcoming New Years,
you know, if you're celebrating with family
or with friends.
You shouldn't feel stressed about spending a lot
of money or any of that, just have fun, right?
So these recipes are super simple to make.
You're going to love them,
let's go ahead and get into it.
This is the perfect recipe to start the day.
We're making salted caramel coffee.
It sounds pretty fancy,
but it takes less than five minutes to make.
Let's start by brewing half a cup of Barissimo Coffee.
In a pan, heat up a hot cup of milk.
I'm using Simply Nature Almond Milk.
Once your milk is warm, add in about two
to four caramel cubes.
Mix everything together until the caramel dissolves
into the milk.
Then, pour the caramel milk mixture into your coffee
and sprinkle it with a little bit of sea salt,
and this will make a huge difference.
It's super spectacular I promise you that
and then enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee
with a sweet and savory kick to it.
If you're looking for a quick, inexpensive,
but also elegant party drink.
Try this Bellini recipe out.
You will need two cans of drained and chilled canned peaches
and some Brut sparkling.
Put the drained peaches into a blender or processor
and blend it into a puree consistency.
You can either pour the mixture into a pitcher
with some sparkling wine and serve it
or you can also make individual drinks
by scooping in two spoons of the peach mixture,
followed with some Brute sparkling.
If you're the designated driver tonight,
you can always replace this with some sparkling cider
to make it non-alcoholic and it will be just as good.
If you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside,
here is the perfect drink for you.
We're making s'mores-y hot cocoa.
We're going to start off with heating three cups of milk,
I'm using almond milk.
Then we're going to add in some real chocolate.
I'm using Choceur Milk Chocolate bar
by breaking them into little pieces
and slowly adding them into the milk.
If you use a mixing whip's end,
keep the heat at medium low.
It will help it dissolve the chocolate into the milk.
This isn't your typical hot cocoa,
so we're going to dazzle this drink in some yumminess.
Take out the chocolate syrup
and put it into a little bowl or a plate.
Then you want to take out your cups or glass
and dip the rim into the chocolate syrup.
After that, you want to cover it
in some crushed graham crackers.
Now, take out your milk hot chocolate
and pour it carefully into your glass.
To give it that full s'mores-y feel,
you could try toasting your marshmallows in the oven
for a few seconds and then top it on your hot cocoa.
Lastly, drizzle on some fudge
and sprinkle it with a little graham cracker.
This is a truly fun and delicious way
to enjoy some hot cocoa if you love s'mores
you would definitely love this.
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A seasonal holiday drink is a must in order
to celebrate with style.
We're going to make a cranberry apple Rossini.
All you will need is a cup of frozen cranberries,
three cups of diced Gala apples,
two tablespoons of sugar,
two tablespoons of orange juice,
one fourth a teaspoon pumpkin pie spice and Prosecco.
Let's start by making a cranberry apple puree.
So in a medium sauce pan, combine the cranberries,
the apple, orange juice, the sugar,
and pumpkin pie spice all together.
Bring all the ingredients to a boil
and simmer until the cranberries
and apples are nice and softened.
Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and puree it.
Let this sit to chill for a few hours before serving it.
When you're serving this, you can scoop in two spoons
and then fill the rest with some Prosecco.
(jazzy music)
A nice way to end the day or enjoy a quiet
and relaxing celebration is with tea and sweets.
I have some of Aldi Baklava samples,
mixed nuts, chocolate covered cranberries,
and of course some hot tea.
(upbeat music)
well I hope you enjoyed today's video, I certainly did.
Make sure to give this video a thumbs up if you do
and cheers to everyone out there, happy New Years.
Also a big thank you to Aldi for supporting my channel.
It was lots of fun making all these recipes
and if you want to get more inspiration,
Aldi has lots and lots of great recipes
to try out on their site,
which I will link below this video,
and if you will be recreating any one of them,
don't forget to hashtag make holidays happen so
that we can see your version.
I'll have the link below this video,
so make sure to check that out
and I will see all of you soon, ciao!


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